Programmable vacuum reflow soldering and brazing oven with heating area 420x420mm.


Positive pressure
Gas supply control
High vacuum
Low pressure plasma
External chiller
Lid operation

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Infrared lamps are placed crossed under the tooling plate and in the lid. Tooling plate in a square form with dimensions 420x420mm can be produced of any suitable material also with custom openings for fixtures inside it. Design enables loading of tooling plate inside the chamber together with the parts on it - suitable for serial production.

Process cooling by means of nitrogen flow that blows from the chamber bottom against the tooling plate.



Maximum temperature 450°C
Heated area 420 x 420 mm
Clearance above heater plate 60 mm
Ramp heat up / cool down 250°C/min
Control deviation +/- 0.5°C
Heating / cooling type infrared heating / nitrogen flow
Temperature measurement up to 4x thermocouples K-Type freely positional
Pressure measurement full range over two gauges
Maximum vacuum 1x10-2 mbar
Formic acid bubbler 40 ml container in front panel with auto refill
Chamber cooling water/ethylene glycol mixture
Display 7" LCD with touch screen
Dimensions see layout
Weight 280 kg
Power supply 3 phase, country specific


Dual infrared heating
Dual infrared heating
Easy maintenance
Easy maintenance
Smart thermo regulator
Smart thermo regulator
Formic acid bubbler
Formic acid bubbler
Additional lamps cooling
Additional lamps cooling
Positive pressure
Positive pressure


Heating in vacuum and inert gas, Power semiconductors on heat sinks, Flip chip reflow, Melting of bumps, High intensity LED attach, Sealing of hermetic packages, Photovoltaic cell assembly, Die attach, Sintering of printed copper films, Assembly of hybrid circuits, Encapsulation of flat packs, MEMS and opto devices, Automotive sensors and high energy batteries, etc.


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