PCIM Europe – May 7-9, 2019 – Nuremberg, Germany

Visit Invacu at PCIM Europe 2019 Hello, Nuremberg. We are here again with our new vacuum reflow oven models.
Hall 6, Stand 258
Come over for a visit!

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INVACU in support of future IT professionals

code:motion Burgas 2018 INVACU is one of the leading companies in the world of vacuum reflow ovens manufacturing. These ovens are used in research and development of new products in the field of electronics and semi-conductors. In such a niche industry, using high technology, being creative and innovative is a must if you want to be anyone at all. Without these elements there is simply no way to produce unique products for unique applications in the world’s fastest developing industry. As we in INVACU say: „In this industry, one has to think three moves ahead, or else your products become obsolete before even reaching the market.“
The same applies fully for the IT world also. So, we at INVACU decided to encourage one certain event, which might turn out very useful for many young IT oriented people - code:motion
Code:motion is a presentation by proven and successful IT professionals, in which they will describe the particulars of various professions within the world of IT. The purpose is that young people with ambitions in this field get an opportunity to interact with real-life professionals, as well as to establish new contacts. This, we hope, will motivate them to continue their professional development in pursuit of excellence.
To all participants we wish good luck and lots of inspiration on the way to their successful professional realization!

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SMT Hybrid Packaging – June 5-7, 2018 – Nuremberg, Germany

Visit as at SMT Hybrid Packaging 2018 Hello Nuremberg! We are at the SMT Hybrid Packaging 2018 at stand 4-122. Come over for a visit!
Hallo Nürnberg! Wir sind auf der SMT Hybrid Packaging 2018 an Stand 4-122. Besuchen Sie uns!

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1000 Kelvin per minute with VSU28-D

Log of 1000 Kelvin per minute with VSU28-D During our latest test of vacuum reflow solder unit VSU28-D we measured heating rates of up to 996 K/minute. We ran this test without software limitation on the ramp speed and in maximum power. In 118 seconds the chamber reached 800°C. The experiment is made in 100mbar vacuum with the standard blank graphite plate 260x210x4.5mm and 230V supply. This power test shows that the dual heating VSU28 can be used for rapid thermal annealing of substrates or in any other cases where fast heating is required.

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Oxygen analyzer

Oxygen concentration analyzer on VSU28 We announced our first vacuum reflow oven with control over the oxygen concentration. System is equipped with external oxygen analyzer that communicates with the standard user interface of VSU28 enabling stop and hold the reflow process until certain low concentration in the chamber is reached. Thus the reflow process can be run under guaranteed low levels of oxygen down to in ppm range resulting in excellent wetting between solder surfaces.

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Vacuum reflow solder oven with dual heating and pressure

The new VSU28 vacuum reflow solder oven with dual heating and pressure Invacu introduces vacuum soldering system based on VSU28 model with double heating capable to pressurize the chamber up to 4.5 bar absolute. The powerful heating enables fast ramps even with very heavy thermal load. The heating distributes the power and creates an unique temperature uniformity when placed on the bottom of the chamber and in the lid. 70mm clearance over the heating plate allows processing of higher substrates and fixtures. Positive pressure combined with vacuum gives the possibility of super void removal even when the solder area is extremely large. Air flow through the heating lamps also in the lid assists the chamber cooling process lowering the nitrogen consumption.

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