Lease equipment

When you want to try before you buy or for temporary applications, INVACU offers leasing of its VSU28 model. Build-to-lease models have same build-time as configured-to-purchase systems.

There are many reasons why renting a vacuum soldering equipment may be practical:

  • Short term lease for projects of limited duration
  • Evaluate the unit and its features before making a decision to purchase
  • Make sure it functions as needed for a given project

Renting a vacuum soldering equipment from INVACU is a smart decision:

  • Warranted as a new unit
  • Leased on a per month basis with a minimum period of only 3 months
  • Lease can be extended at any time
  • Unit can be purchased at anytime during your lease
  • 100% of the first month's lease credited toward the unit's purchase
  • 50% of each month's lease credited thereafter (up to 5 months)
  • Monthly lease 5% of system price

For more information, please review the full (editable) lease agreement. If you are interested in renting a VSU28 soldering oven, please fill out a quotation request specifying a product code using the device configurator for the model.

INVACU offers build-for-lease for any of its VSU28 vacuum soldering ovens. In addition, there are some vacuum soldering units in stock. Please contact INVACU sales for information about available units.

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