Invacu Ltd was established in 2005. The Company started with design, installation and testing of electrical and electronic modules and control devices in industrial furnaces used in the process of production of semiconductors. Through the years, the Company’s activities grew into developing of complete proprietary devices. The main focus of the Company’s activities is developing of computer controlled machines. Invacu’s flexible engineering team provides quality designs, and the technical team – precision in the design execution. Even the most demanding clients with most exact technical requirements and high quality criteria remain satisfied with our products.

The Invacu Team specializes in Engineering. We not only produce the most suitable product for your particular needs. We provide you with solutions.

From the very beginning Invacu has been developing software solutions. We create proprietary software for our machines, as well as software for PC, which communicate with standard, and when needed – with user-defined protocols. We are open to all suggestions from our clients aiming to improve the software and turn it into the most user-friendly and comfortable tool for the job.

Using vacuum is a common practice in the systems for production of microelectronics. This gave us the possibility to learn a lot in this direction. The vacuum devices that we produce comply with the strict requirements in the semiconductor industry.

Testing of our final products is embedded in our production process – both in the final and intermediate stages of fabrication. We never agree with compromise in the components we use in our products.

Invacu’s Team applies all available technical expertise and due diligence in the creation of quality and functional products.

Among our customers

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Infinera are our customers
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University of Korea are our customers
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INO National Optics Institute Canada are our customers
Avangard are our customers
Ishihara Chemical are our customers
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ARC Nano are our customers
J-Devices are our customers
Lapis Semiconductor are our customers
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