Programmable vacuum reflow soldering oven with heating area 200mm diameter.


Formic acid bubbler
Additional gas line
Pressure measurement
Signal indication
Clearance above heating plate
Mounting rack
Vacuum pump

Product code: VSU20


The vacuum reflow oven is equipped with a hot plate made of solid aluminum, coated with ceramics. Another water cooled plate is mounted beneath the hot plate. In time of cooling the cold plate is lifted up and pressed against the hot plate, thus cooling it quickly. This feature also enables cooling under vacuum.



Process environment nitrogen, inert gas, formic acid
Maximum temperature 400°C
Heating area ∅ 200 mm
Heating plate fixed: aluminum
Clearance above heating plate 50 mm
Heat up / cool down ramp 120-150°C/min
Control deviation +/- 0.5°C
Heating elements coil heaters integrated in heating plate
Heating control common for all heaters
Cooling of heating plate lifting up cold plate
Temperature measurement 1x fixed and up to 3x freely positional thermocouples K-Type
Pressure measurement integrated pressure transmitter
Maximum vacuum 5x10-2 mbar
Formic acid bubbler 40 ml container, integrated in front panel
Cooling of chamber body water/ethylene glycol - integrated chiller
Lid viewing port 80 mm
Display 7" LCD with touch screen
PC Software process logging, recipe transfer, etc.
User interface remote control over relay I/Os
Dimensions see layout
Weight 35 kg
Power supply 1 phase / 190-240V, 50/60 Hz


Compact design
Compact design
Cost effective process
Cost effective process
Cooling under vacuum
Cooling under vacuum
Integrated water chiller
Integrated water chiller
Easy maintenance
Easy maintenance
Smart thermo regulator
Smart thermo regulator
Formic acid bubbler
Formic acid bubbler
Single phase supply
Single phase supply


Heating in vacuum and inert gas, Power semiconductors on heat sinks, Flip chip reflow, Melting of bumps, High intensity LED attach, Sealing of hermetic packages, Photovoltaic cell assembly, Die attach, Sintering of printed copper films, Assembly of hybrid circuits, Encapsulation of flat packs, MEMS and opto devices, Automotive sensors and high energy batteries, etc.

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